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Car dealers in Zofri Iquique.

Zofri is full of Car dealers and Suppliers of used car. Car imports is a major business in Zofri Iquique. Iquique Chile is a free port meaning there are no taxes on importation. Cars are exported to the neighbouring Countries like Peru, Agentina, Paraguay and Bolivia. There is a big demand for Toyota cars like Toyota Yaris and Toyota Rav other cars like Micra Nissan , used Honda , Sports cars , caravans, SUV's, 4X4 and lately its been Hummers are also popular.

Most of the cars supplied to Zofri iquique from Countries like Japan and the USA. Close to 170,000 cars are imported with brand names like Toyota, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Ford, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Mustang, Jeep, Honda, Nissan.. etc.

The importers have these new and used cars for sale on exhibition in their Galpons and sometimes on the beaches of Iquique. Since there 0% Taxes on these imported cars, you can find a car worth Thousand dollars here.

Tip: Its a Good practice to get a Car insurance when you buy a vehicle.

Sports Cars for Sale in Chile

BMW 325i

BMW 325i for Sale in Zofri Iquique Chile.

BMW Sports Car

Cars for Sale

Auto Kevin
Auto Kevin

Importer of Car in the Free Zone of Iquique.

Used Cars Zofri

G&S Ltda
Car Importer in Zofri Iquique

Importer of Car and Spare parts in the Zofri Iquique.

Hal Hamd

Used Car Dealer in zofri Iquique

Car Wholesalers

L&M Automotores
L & M Automoters

Importer of used Tractors, Excavators, Chain Saw, Mining machines in Zofri Iquique.

Aisha Cars
Aisha Cars

Japnese Car importers in Zofri Iquique.


Car Sale in zofri Iquique


Car Dealer in Zofri Iquique

Tourist Attractions

The Zofri
Zofri iquique

Zofri is the Free Zone and Business center of Iquique Chile.

Tour la Boya
La Boya iquique

Boat ride to the famous monument of "Comate Naval Iquique"

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